Sarcasm is the ultimate truth

You just know they are lying but you can’t prove it.

Or you can prove it, but it will take too long and no one will listen.

Now look, you can have all the facts, you can have all the scientific evidence on your side, you can have all the verified evidence, but before you can even get them out of your mouth, the liberals, leftists, globalists, Democrats, Mainstream Media, feminists, SJWs, Antifa, European Union, creepy porn lawyers, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, C & hear BS, The New York Times, The Washington Post, nearly all colleges and universities, and kneeling football players protesting they weren’t in the starting lineup pretending to protest injustice who are now advertising for a shoe company that uses foreign child labor sweatshops, have already given the one-liners and memes that totally subvert you before you can even get there.

You’ve been sabotaged!

Haven’t you had enough? Do you just have to stand there helplessly while no borders anti ICE protesters manage to establish sanctuary cities for illegal immigrant sociopath rapists? Is your only hope Alex Jones?

The answer to that question is Quantum Sarcasm, a new scientific discipline that quantifies the smallest increments of Sarcasm measured by ironies. The instant memes developed through Quantum Sarcasm provide an incisive and decisive blow to the insane delusional sociopathic distorted perceptions of the narrative echo chambers. It breaks down and dissolves the barriers designed to keep the truth away from the oppressed and deceived.

So join the movement! Take back your life! Escape the cult of echo chamber narratives! Break the barriers!

And most of all, restore peace and sanity.

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