OK Feinstein

Now we wouldn’t want to spread any unconfirmed rumors, particularly about a seated senator. We wouldn’t want to even if the senator were standing. It’s just that, well, since, you know, some things have come up… we’d just like to get to the bottom of things….

There were two guys overheard behind a panel at a cocktail party who seemed to refer to an unconfirmed story from an anonymous source who quoted someone as saying that someone they knew may have had 4K videos of… well, it seems outrageous, but — Dianne Feinstein as a 16 year old teenager in a coven under a full moon at midnight sacrificing a gentile male infant.

Now there are many who would not want to believe such a story, but the truth is that given how important her position is today and the fact that she did something like this about a Supreme Court nominee, we need to investigate this. We need to have a special counsel appointed — probably Robert Mueller, who is doing so well at his job now as a special counsel — to investigate these claims so the outcome can be determined one way or another.

Meanwhile, the Senator needs to be suspended from Congress during the investigation. She might be not guilty of the allegation, but heaven knows she’s probably guilty of something, so we need to make sure that she’s not making any decisions for the American people while this is going on.

With the competence of the FBI investigating all this and the stellar work of the special counsel, we are sure to have all the facts so a determination can be made. It should only take 4 to 6 years to determine the final outcome. There will, of course, need to be Senate hearings and committee meetings. The Mainstream Media needs to be kept apprised at every step of the way.

We propose this so there can be justice, judgment and equity for the protection of the American people.

We would not want to violate anyone’s Fourth Amendment Rights in doing so.

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